40 Okunma — 28 Temmuz 2020 09:56

Fulya Erdem

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The whole world was affected by the Corana virus outbreak. Although people over the age of 60-65 and individuals with chronic disease are affected by this virus, it does not mean that we young people will not be infected with this disease or that we will not infect our elders by acting as a carrier. Young people with chronic disease (DM, heart, rheumatism etc. people who have an unhealthy diet, low immune system, alcohol, smoking, drug users, people who live an irregular life can come under the influence of this virus.

If so, we should stay at home and isolate ourselves as much as possible in our young people.

First, those who read must give priority to their lessons. For those preparing for the exam, the same priority is the courses. We can spend the rest of our free time reading books.

I can offer you a few books.

  1. Orhan Pamuk : Kırmızı saçlı kadın, masumiyet  müzesi
  2. Ahmet Ümit: Kırlangıç Çığlığı, Bab-ı Esrar
  3. Zülfi Livaneli: Huzursuzluk, Serenad
  4. Mathew McKay, patrick Fanninf: Özgüven
  5. Anetta İnselberg: Herşey Değişir
  6.  Guy Finley: Vazgeçebilmek
  7. Oğuz Atay: Tutunamayanlar
  8. Robin Wıllıams: Ölü Ozanlar Derneği
  9. Sabahattin Ali: İçimizdeki şeytan
  10. Madeline Miller: Ben KİRKE
  11. PAULO Coelho: SİMYACI
  12. Jose Saramago: Körlük
  13. Birazda araştırma yapmak isteyenlere önerilerim:
  14. 50 soruda bilim ve bilimsel yöntem
  15. Tarihsel ve Uluslararası temellerimiz
  16. Tarihsel Sosyoloji ve Uluslar arası ilişkiler
  17. Albert Eistein- Bilimsel kişiliği ve Dünyamıza Etkisi
  18. Adam Smith Hayatı ve bilimsel çalışmaları….




Youtube channels you can follow:

  1. Barış Özcan

  2. Ruhi Çenet

  3. Haluk Tatar

  4. Evrim Ağacı

  5. Murat Soner…


You can play at home: Chess, backgammon, checkers, monopoly, taboo, with playing cards (such as Fifty-one, Pishti, batak , remi…)

You can exercise and do light sports: with Plates exercises, you can both stretch your body and relax by seeing the effect of yoga. (You can follow the plates videos of Ebru Şallı from the internet)

With dumbbells you can do arm exercises, sit-ups and push-ups. If you have a walking band, elliptical or step instrument, you can exercise for half an hour a day and stay fit and be energetic and dynamic.

You can watch movies from the internet. Films I can recommend to you:

Dolittle (2020): Dr Who is struggling to find a cure for the Queen’s illness of England John Dolitte went through this process

Doctor Sleep-Stephen Kings (2019): dark fantasy and horror

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019):BradPitt and Leonardo Di Caprio play. Director Quentin Tarantino

The Joker (2019)drama

Bad Boys : always crazy (2020) police

The Gentlemen (2020) action, crime

Parasite (2019)thriller – South Korean production

F9 Fast & furious (2020)-action adventure

The Lion King(2019))

Domestic Films:

Miracle 2: Love

Pocket Hercules: Naim Suleymanoğlu

Murder pretense: 2019-Comedy

Miracle on the ward:dram2019

Sycamore: drama

Three Letters: Votive 2019. Fear

Recep Ivedik 6-comedy

Cicero: 2019-date battle

Turkish business freeze: war,history

Karakomic Films – 2 in between-loophole 2019

Organized Affairs: Comedy


The Stranger In My Pocket:

The latest Internet series to watch:


The Outsider: Stefen King –science fictional adventure

The Eddy: in the drama genre

Duncanville: in the animation genre

The Undoing: Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant play.

Doctor Who

After Life

Euphoria(American production, youth series

Killing EveGreace and Frankie: a fun series


Turkish-made internet series:



Zero One

Phi-Chi: Love


Seven Hundered


The Man Who Appears: Comedy

Dudullu Post


HAKAN: GUARD (The protector)

Letter The King (FOREIGN))



Besides, let’s not forget healthy eating. When we say we’re watching elephants, let’s not turn to junk food. Let’s keep our weight.

Let’s start the day with a nice breakfast

Then a nice coffee.

A light snack like 3 o’clock (1 slice of bread with butter or 1 piece of toast, as well as 1 slice of decks or cookies may be)

Or 2 pieces of fruit we can eat in the afternoon. (vitamin essential)

Without exaggerating our dinner (a nice salad made with plenty of Greens, Soup Broth. Main course with Protein content could be 1 slice of bread)

In the evening 1 handful of walnuts , almonds, nuts , leblebi or a bowl of popcorn can be eaten.

You can drink 1 cup lemon sage tea for health I recommend.

Have a nice day.


Fulya Erdem

Translated by Başak Arya Gençler


Have a good day…

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