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Turkey’s Biggest Domestic Food Companies : What is This Torku ?

9674958995506 - Turkey's Biggest Domestic Food Companies : What is This Torku ?


Turkey’s biggest domestic food companies:  What is this Torku ?  First of all, TORKU is a farmers ‘ cooperative brand. Let’s see who they are first. It is an organization that wants to sell the food produced by 900 thousand farmers.They were established in Konya.They want to introduce Anatolian cuisine not only in Turkey but all over the world. They have planted 19 million trees since their establishment and continue to grow continuously.

Offering a wide product range today with Konya Seker guarantee to consumers, Torku receives its name from the oldest known dictionary of Turkish; Divan-I Lugat’I Turk Meaning “silky, strong like silk,” we said hello to the consumers with Torku.

torku sucuk 200 gr 583b - Turkey's Biggest Domestic Food Companies : What is This Torku ?

In 2007, the adventure of konya sugar started with sugar, chocolate, biscuits, Turkish delight, hard candy, halva meat and dairy products, and even progressed to frozen food. Meanwhile, Turkey’s aim to be the best. It was also decided to establish a factory to solve the problem of Turkey’s domestic grain seed. The factory is almost complete. When switched on domestic turkey will begin producing seeds.All of its products are made 100% natural. Konya sugar factory in the 1950s, the country’s economic aid opened a great success point reached. a big step for the development of Turkey.

If you want to learn more about Torku, please visit: http://torku.com.tr/en/icerik/detay/9284/history

Our goal is to introduce Turkish companies to foreigners, that is, to you: it is your job to buy and try their products. I’m not saying this because I’m Turkish, but in my view, I find Torku really very good, especially in chocolate. I strongly advise you to eat.

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