Tolga Ozuygur (English Text)

78 Okunma — 11 Nisan 2020 22:35

Yusuf Konca

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Do you hear Tolga Ozuygur? You may not know him. He is Turkey’s Iron Man. He works Iron Man’s armor. He makes a drawing 3D. He print outs 3D drawings with printer. He combines 3D drawings. He makes a virtual assistant. Virtual assistant name’s is Friday. Friday conducts Iron Man armor. Armor has got a fake gun and this gun is not for war. This gun fires a innocuous fireball.

I follow him for a long time and I see him who he is really determined so he is successful. He is very exciting and he is a maker. He is very exciting when he tries his armor.(He tries his shield while very exciting. / He very excited while he tries his armor.)

He doesn’t make just a armor. For example, Tolga makes a glasses for blind people etc. I think, you should watch his videos. I think, Tolga is very excited because/so he is successful.

Thank you very much for you read my text….

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