Issue of COVID-19

41 Okunma — 26 Temmuz 2020 14:28

Sungu Erdem

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One of the things that perhaps attracts my attention at the moment is the hostility to science and the events brought about by the hostility to science-the consequences.

In addition to the year in which this article was written, the year 2020 is a difficult time for humanity, and even the date on which this article was written (28/03/2020) still continues in the days. COVID-19, a new virus from the Coronavirus family, is fast on its way to becoming a worldwide plague as of late 2019.

States have taken precautions for this covid-19 outbreak, but unfortunately it is spreading rapidly. While some countries have experienced very mild cases and deaths (e.g. Germany – 28/03/2020), in some countries the health system has collapsed or is about to collapse (e.g. Spain and Italy – 28/03/2020). In some countries, the situation is a little more complicated. The cause is cases and deaths, but it’s unclear what will happen. These countries are the candidates for health system collapse (for example: Turkey, England, maybe France – 28/03/2020).

If we look at these countries, I can tell you’ve whispered something surprising to us. Of course I’m not a politician or a candidate for politics. I’m a candidate for Scientist. Maybe it’s none of my business, but I’d just like to say my observations. Within the framework of these observations, I would like to convey to you the following:

Germany is currently managing the covid-19 outbreak in its country very well. This has been debated for a long time and ends with me weighing in with the release of a document. Of course, there’s a new debate coming up, but that doesn’t matter to us right now. About the document. This document was a “Risk and Analysis Report to protect the People” issued to the government by scientists in Germany. Germany is taking this report and taking its steps, taking into account the warnings and recommendations written in this report for the health of the people. Indeed, the warnings and recommendations in the report were implemented one by one. And right now it’s a country that’s very much in control. But Germany continues to warn its people. He said: “We have achieved that at the moment but the situation may change in the future. So we have to take precautions,” he says. He tells his people that this success cannot continue in the same way. That’s why he’s telling his people to stay safe. This was a success for Merkel.

Now let’s look at England. Britain evolutionarily wanted to solve this. He said those who contracted the virus and recovered, and those who survived, may live. So he left it to natural selection. Life continued in its normal course. Of course it was Boris Johnson who implemented it that way. He got a big reaction from the public. I would say the public has warned him to get involved as soon as possible. Boris Johnson was forced to step back and began to take measures. The number of cases and the number of deaths in the country was known before the measures were taken. So they set out to take a late precaution. This failure and negligence belonged to Boris Johnson.

vs-COVID-19 affair

Given the situation of these two countries, there is a conclusion that is not strange. Germany, which took precautions months before COVID-19 began to spread, and Britain, which went on as if it were nothing; their examples teach us something.

These examples tell us that governments and people at the head of governments (in general. Please don’t twist it.) shows how little he values science and scientists. I can tell you that the covid-19 epidemic is a result of us: how little governments and their people listen/base their scientists are once again mercilessly hit in the face.

It is obvious that societies that give importance to science have healthier and more permanent lives both socially and biologically. In Germany (compared to other countries) the social life and mental health of the people is a little bit better, and in England and other countries I can not say this unfortunately.

In fact, the situation in Turkey is not very different. The public is tired of hearing and seeing “COVID-19 News, jokes, conversations,” and on top of that they are stuck at home and watching a financial collapse. Some YouTube channels and TV channels take people away from these issues and make efforts to protect the public’s spirit and sanity.

I would also like to point out the great effort of our people here. The public applauded and thanked the paramedics who tried to keep us afloat while trying to repair themselves. Our people have achieved this unity and unity from the window and from the balcony, no matter where they are now. I am a great guru of that. We have redefined the word” unity.” “To be united” means to connect with each other without being side by side. The Turkish nation has achieved this in a perfect way.

I would like to thank the paramedics who are trying to keep us alive right now, the market workers who are not leaving us missing as food and supplies, and the police and soldiers who continue to protect us on such days.

Dear reader, ziyertçi, my friend … thank you very much for reading this article. If you see anything missing, wrong, wrong, your first job is to e-mail us. I have a favor to ask you: advertising is our only source of income. I’d appreciate it if you clicked on the ads 1 time. Let’s stay with love, health and reason…


Translated by Başak Arya Gençler

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